So much to say…

Ciao everyone! Finally Friday!

I’m ust sitting here in the dark, watching a movie (Year One it’s called, sub-par at best) with the roommates, drinking a chai tea latte.  Thought it might be time to play catch-up on the ol’ blog again!  Sorry about the delay…  I know several of you have been anxiously awaiting my updates!!! (And I love you for it)

Life is whirring past me at a mile a minute, as usual, so once again I’ve got a LOT to catch you up on (which has seemed like a rather daunting task lately, since I’ve done SO much in the last couple weeks– moving to a new apartment across the city, Roman soccer game, trips to Milan, Venice, and Vicenza, art history walks through Rome, school projects, so on and so forth).

Before that, I’d like to mention that I’m doing this blog not only so my family and friends can keep up with me, but also for myself to look back on and reflect and remember how I felt living here in Rome, and all that I did.  Today, I’m missing home.  I’m not ready to leave Rome yet, I still have SO much to see and do! But I am ready to be done with school, and all of us girls are really getting tired of each other.  It’s hard to be around the same people all hours of every day… I don’t do real well with too much togetherness, and there is a LOT of togetherness here. It will be very nice to get back home and have some quiet time to myself, go for a drive, and eat real food (Probably gonna lay off the pasta and pizza for a while)! I’ve given my mom a list of meals and treats I’d like when I get home–she just loooved that! It mostly consisted of beef in all its forms–pot roast, ribs, steak–mashed potatoes–Christmas cookies, Grandma Helen’s famous pecan rolls, the works… (Aunt Sandy, you’re in charge of that cheesey hashbrown casserole I’ve been craving–you know the one!)  It’s a little scary, and probably unnatural, just how excited I am about eating.

I’m also missing my Cedar Rapids visits to my Granddad and Aunt Sandy, I’m really looking forward to sharing all my pictures and memories with them!  Last week I missed my Grandma’s 90th birthday celebration, and all the family that came to celebrate with her. That was a little disappointing because I would have liked to help celebrate and see all the family from out of town that I never get to, but I don’t think I can complain too loud, because I was in Venice at the time, and had a wonderful trip! But happy belated birthday anyway, Grandma!

Ok. Let’s get down to brass tacks.

Where to begin? Last time I left off with my Florence trip and it was a BALL! I’d really like to go back if I could scrounge up the funds, but I think I’ll leave it for my next Europe trip–give me a good reason to come back. A few weeks ago my roommates and I got an email from our housing coordinator asking us if we’d be interested in moving to a brand new apartment, 20 minutes closer to school, near to all our classmates.  We’d be reimbursed for the costs of taxis to move everything, and they’d give us anything we’d need for the apartment if it wasn’t already there. We were a little apprehensive at first, we had gotten all settled in to our place near the Colosseum, we didn’t want to pack up all our junk again to move, and we thought it would really be more of a hassle than anything.  This new apartment is in what once was a convent, then converted to a hospital, and now an apartment.  The building consists of three wings, two of which are housing for study abroad programs, and one that serves as a rest home for the elderly who would otherwise most likely be living on the streets.  This seemed a little…interesting… But we figured there’d be no harm in looking at the new place, so we went along with the housing coordinator to check it out. Once we walked into the new apartment in Trastevere (the neighborhood) there was no looking back. Brand new everything! A huge living room where we all could sit together, a huge dining table where we all could eat together, 3 bathrooms for six people instead of just one, the place was huge! We were sold. So we packed up all our stuff and made the move across town, excited and ready for a new Rome experience for the 2nd half of our journey.

Unfortunately, all that glitters is not gold. Turns out the new digs weren’t nearly as magical as they made them out to be.  No hot water, no washing machine, no oven, no microwave, no heat, no blankets, showers that flooded, doors that didn’t lock, and six unhappy campers.  So we got on the horn with the housing office and kept hounding until things got fixed, and here we are two weeks after move-in and things are finally falling into place.  We got a washing machine last week, a toaster oven on Tuesday, and some men were here earlier today putting a lip around the base of the showers so as to prevent them from flooding. Seems like a lot of work for only 35 more days of living here! But we are enjoying the place, and much closer to school (which means I get to sleep in an extra 45 minutes!) and our classmates, so it’s been nice.


The new livingroom, complete with couches and plant. Before this I don't think I had sat on a couch in two months!


The HUGE bathroom Becca and I share that is attatched to our bedroom


Our dinky little kitchen. Really, this is it--all you can't see is the stove top to the left. Not very big!


A view of the dining area, the kitchen is off to the right and the couches were behind me when I took this


We had a few spare beds, so I snatched one up--one for sleeping, one for all my junk 🙂


Looking out into the courtyard. The old folks enjoy sitting out here in the sunshine, and so does a big fat white cat that I see running around every once in a while!

So we’re all settled in to the new place.  There are also ten more girls from our program in the apartment above us, so we had a fun little Halloween get together the day after we moved in.  We had to get pretty creative and use what we had for lack of costumes.  I put masking tape on a red shirt and threw a hat on, cut some glasses out of cardboard and painted them black and called myself Waldo from the children’s books we all loved as kids, Where’s Waldo… it got a little silly but we had a lot of fun with it!  Some of the other costumes were pretty good, we had a soccer player, a robot, an Amazon woman, a weather girl, a pirate and a few other good ones!


Becca working hard on her Robot costume


Waldo! Goofy, I know.


That Sunday after Halloween a big group of us bought tickets and went to an AS Roma futbol game at Rome’s Olympic stadium.  Took us a little while to  figure out which buses to take to get where we wanted to be, but once we did it was SO cool! We got to see a real Italian soccer game (AS Roma vs. Bologna), “our” team won 2-1, and it was very exciting.  All-around good day.


My friend Jami and I inside the Olympic stadium anxiously awaiting game time


Go Roma! Just about to score a goal



A view of Mussolini's Olympic complex outside the Olympic stadium

So I’ve gotten you caught up a tiny bit, but I’ve still got so much more to say.  I’ll update again this weekend (hopefully), but I’ve already written a small novel and it’s midnight here, so I’d better get to bed.  Again, sorry it’s taken me so long to sit down and do this! I keep saying I’ll get better at it but I never do… oh well, there’s always next time! Speaking of which, get ready to read about my North field trip to Milan and Venice–that’s what’s coming next.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend! Thanks for reading,



One response to “So much to say…

  1. Nice new digs! Looks very bright and cheery, and a double bed to boot. Just one week from tomorrow and you will be flying home! Make the most of this last month in Rome! Love ya.

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