Do as the Romans do…?

Well, it’s my third day living as a spicy Italian meatball, and thus far the verdict is still out on how I feel about it.

I really do feel like a meatball, by the way. It’s about 90 degrees and humid everyday, the sun is blazing, and I’m not sure that I’ve ever walked so much or sweated so much in my life! I swear, Italian people must not sweat. They walk around in tight black jeans and long button down shirts, dry as a bone! Meanwhile I’m here in shorts and a tank top drippin’ like a fiend. I’m sure I’ll get used to it soon enough!  Life is so different in Italy.  Everyone’s in a rush to be somewhere, and they don’t care if they run over pedestrians in order to do so! (And they’re not afraid to use their horns here, either.) But at the same time people are almost lethargic when it comes to working or serving you.  Shops close from about 1-4 or 5pm–quite the lunch break, pretty inconvenient. If you need something done at your apartment, say plumbing worked on, the plumber will tell you “Day after tomorrow, I come fix” which usually means, “I might get to it next week”… a little frustrating when you’re used to America’s good ol’ instant gratification. Maybe I’ll learn a little patience in Rome… 🙂

My first three days have been quite the experience. They’ve consisted of blistered feet, sun burns, blistered skin, angry Italians, slick stairs (six flights up to our apartment, to be specific), getting lost, mosquito bites, and broken beds. Yes, my single Orphan Annie bed, as I like to call it, broke last night. Two of the slats in the middle popped out and I can’t get them back in, so instead of being folded in half at night, we thought we’d put some bookshelves under my mattress to bridge the gap! Now I feel like I have bookshelves in my back… ha!

We’ve been doing a ton of walking around Rome, exploring, finding where our classes will be held (about a half hour walk from our apartment–not bad. We’ll pass the Colosseum every day. Pretty cool.) We’ve also done a little grocery shopping at a nearby supermarket. We got supplies for sandwiches and pasta and some fruit, drinks. Stuff is pretty expensive, but it’ll be cheaper than eating out all the time!

Last night we walked to find our studio, then spent a few more hours dining, enjoying some gelato, and taking in the sights (Colosseum) in the nighttime! Beautiful! I’ll put a picture up for ya.

Today one of my roommates and I went and found a farmacia (pharmacy), she needed face wash and I needed chapstick and something for bug bites. Turns out Italy has monster mosquitoes (called zanzara here). I’ve never seen one, but I have about 37 bites to prove they exist… boy do they itch!  So the farmacia was interesting since the man working didn’t know much English, but we got ‘er taken care of and I’m currently itch free after applying my After Bite!

I think that’s all I know for now.  Tomorrow is our first day of actual class, we have orientation from 9:30 to 12:30, and Mixed Media from 2-5… hopefully it’ll be an easy day of just getting acquainted!

Talk to ya soon!

The Colosseum at night--bellisima! Gorgeous, amazing, can't believe I'm here.

The Colosseum at night--bellisima! Gorgeous, amazing, can't believe I'm here.


2 responses to “Do as the Romans do…?

  1. Hi Jeni … Just got your blog site today from your mother. It has been fun reading your posts and the pictures are great! Sounds like you are having a good time — you’re braver than I am! Have a good day in class tomorrow. We are leaving for Wyoming tomorrow, so catch you later.


  2. Send us new pix! Try some early morning shots when the sun’s just coming up.

    Have fun, and remember we love you.


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