One Week till Show-time!

Hey Everyone!

So this is my first attempt at blogging, bear with me… As most anyone who takes the time to read this already knows, I’m taking my studies across the pond this Fall semester to Rome, Italy!!  I’m awaiting this adventure with mixed emotions, as I have NO idea what to expect from it. I was nervous for a while, then REALLY excited, and now that it’s actually here and real, I’m starting to get pretty anxious again. I’ve never done anything quite so adventurous, or been so far away from home for such an extended amount of time, so it should be interesting…

My plane takes off from Des Moines in approximately 7 days, 4 hours.  From Des Moines I’ll fly to Chicago (where I’ll meet up with three of my girlfriends, Heather, Becca and Alexa), Chicago to Zurich, Zurich to Rome, and Rome to Athens… WHEW! I tallied up total travel time yesterday and it’s a grand total of about 23 hours from the time I board the plane in Des Moines to the time I get off in Greece–that is if everything goes smoothly and on time! Ouch.  But not to worry, I bought 5 books to take along for the plane, as well as my iPod, and I’ll have my laptop for entertainment during layovers.

The four of us girls are going to spend about four days exploring Athens, then hitch a plane back to Rome by August 31 to move into our 3 bedroom, 1 bath apartment (there will be 6 of us living here).

Since I have NO idea how to pack for a 4 month journey to a place I’ve never been, I’ve enlisted the help of a couple friends who have already done the whole study-abroad thing.  Kristin, in particular, has been quite the little helper in giving me tips and hints on how to pack, where to go, what to see, and what to eat while in Rome, and how to enjoy it to the fullest.  I know I’ll have the time of my life in Rome, but it all seems so surreal right now!

Anyway, I’m supposed to be doing laundry and making lists and productive things like that, so I’d better say goodbye for now.  Maybe later I’ll upload some pics of my luggage or something cutesy like that!

Thanks for reading,



7 responses to “One Week till Show-time!

  1. Hey, Girlie! I love the idea of a blog! I hope that you’re able to update frequently so we can all see what’s going on in “your” world! Can’t believe it’s just a week away!!
    Save travels!

  2. May I offer a little tip that I learned the hard way when my luggage was ummm…….delayed on my arrival and departure from Charles de Gaulle on this last trip??? Take a change of clothes in your carry on bag. Oh and a toothbrush and any make up that you must have in order to show your face to the world. After spending 4 days in Paris and en route in the same outfit, I highly recommend it.

    Now, let me add that this sounds like an excellent adventure. I’ve not been to Italy so I’ll just travel virtually with you and your friends, OK? I trust there will be photos galore for all of us?? Can’t wait for all the details and bon voyage!

  3. Stay away from those Italian men!
    I mean it……..really……..I’m serious.

  4. Kathleen "fave cousin i n the deep south!" Lawrence

    Have a blast!! I went to Germany for about a month….ALONE! I was about your age, so, I learned a lot about the local ale consuming customs! Eat local food, drink local beverages, and socialize with the Romans! So, nobody has said it yet, “When In Rome…”

  5. Print a map out of the city center and bring it over – I still need to highlight some of my favorite sights and more importantly, my favorite places to eat food and gelato!!

  6. i miss you already.. and you are still in des moines.. but i know you’ll have fun and now with my new computer we can skype!!

    get to know rome because we are going together some day and you can be my tour guide. :>

    ok, well i have to go sulk now while realizing how pathetic i am without you..

    love you!

  7. Jeni,
    Talked to your mom – heard you made the first leg of your trip OK. Sorry about the backpack, but I bet the Target bag was really stylish! Hope I am doing this right. Let me know how the rest of your connections go.
    A. Sandy

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